Getting the best safari car for your vacation is something that is challenging and given that there are many car hire companies offering the same service, car renters even get more confused. If Uganda is your dream destination there is need for you to pay keen attention to specific features while hiring a car for your vacation.

First, know the size and the type of car you intend to car

Uganda has very many car hire companies which are widely found in most of its major towns and all of which offer different cars for hire at different prices. The number of travelers determines the kind of car that you would like to use for your vacation in Uganda. If there are many people with the same travel interest then a minibus, coasters are the best for you to consider renting as they accommodate from 15 to 30 visitors or even more.

Insurance cover

Most Car Hire Companies have comprehensive insurance which covers costs on damages and if the company doesn’t offer this, then you are bound to incur the cost yourself.  This means that you have at least to look for car hire companies whose cars have comprehensive insurance as this will help you save some money from extra charges.

Car tool kit

A safari to a new destination is ideally something challenging and worse of it when the car encounters mechanical problems and yet it is something that you can also fix yourself. This means you will need a car tool kit. While on you are road trip in Uganda, make sure that you have packed emergency tool kits to help you fix minor mechanical conditions. Whereas most of car rentals are frequently inspected, your personal inspection is also worth as anything can go wrong or even could have gone bad in the previous trips and the cost will be transferred to you.

Car fuel policy

Most Car Rental Companies almost have the same fuel policy. Cars are given out to clients with full fuel tank and visitors are also expected to return it with full fuel tank as given otherwise failure to do so, there will be a penalty fine.

You need a valid driving permit

Prior hiring a car in any car rental company, you will be asked to present a valid license. You will also be required to have photocopies of the permit and passport and you are required to observe all road traffic laws and regulations at all times.

Inquire if there are special discounts

Before you visit any car hire company it is important that you check if that company gives clients some discounts based on number of days or season, number of cars to be hired and number of traveler. Find out if there are discount offers for weekend getaways.

Check out the validity of car registration forms and license

Pay keen attention on registration certificate, valid insurance, all Uganda permit, motor third party and the driver’s license before you deal with any Car Hire Company. You will need an international or Uganda valid driving license if you are interested in self drive adventures.

Number of people and enough room for cargo

Note that each car hire comes with its size and space for luggage. Toyota Rav4 is the best for one to hire self drive tours or if you want to travel as a couple. This type accommodates from two to four visitors and for visitors who want to save some money then renting a premio is the perfect alternative and other bigger vans or minibus for family or group tours. Other things that you need to look out include if the car hire has a pop up roof as this is the best for those who are interested in wildlife viewing, air conditioner, spare car tyres and many more.

The destination

It is important that before you visit the Car Hire Company you get to know the destination that you intend to spend a vacation in which will determine the kind of car to rent in Uganda whether a Rav4 or 4 by 4 wheel drive for safaris to Uganda’s national parks.

Check for hidden charges

Most Car Hire Companies tend not to disclose some costs. Make sure that you share such information with the company especially fuel costs. You may also need to know if there are costs for hiring a GPS tracking system, camping bags, travel map and many more.

Go through the previous testimonies online

Search on internet and find out more about what others said about the similar Car Rental Company. Find out how urgent companies take to get back to visitors’ questions. Car Hire Companies have websites where they post information and you can Google out reviews.

In conclusion, if you are planning to travel to Uganda and you are interested in renting a car for your vacation, make sure that you take note of the above tips and you will have the best car deal.


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