The road trips are one of the best safaris in Uganda and they might actually be the most favorite and honest safaris for you. Renting a car in Uganda gives much freedom since you can stop wherever and whenever you want. You can even decide to avoid the crowded tourist areas by going at unusual times since you have got your own vehicle. Below is the list of things to look out for when renting a car in Uganda.

Consider Location: More often, when you are travelling, always pick up cars from the airport since you will quickly find that you can choose whether to choose an on or offsite option. The onsite rental companies have the easiest options. Here you can walk directly to the office and they give you a key and you definitely find the car in parking. And when it comes to the offsite airport rental companies, you may have to take a simple shuttle to their office or call them to send a pick up for you. So it’s best to use the site option. Always be aware that hiring from one location and returning to another incurs a fee and will therefore be more expensive. Again in case you are hiring from the city centre, this can be cheaper than airport rental companies.

Always check the cancellation policy; this helps in finding a company that lets you cancel up to 24 hours before the date you collect the car. Anything can happen at any time and in case your flight gets cancelled or delayed, then you can be able to get a refund for your car. Chose a company has got a descent cancellation policy and it will help to show you if there are any additional fees in case you have to cancel your trip.

Consider Patrol/Gas/Fuel: some of the cars in Uganda have got a full to empty policy; this means that you have to pay for the full tank when you pick the car up but you can return it when it’s empty. This also might seem very convenient but it adds extra cost. Always avoid this since you can take a car with half or quarter a tank and you have to return it with a full tank which means extra costs. Endeavor to be sure to double check what sort of fuel your car takes. Don’t go filling your Diesel car with petrol.

The drivers; are you the only driver or you need a driver for your car hire. In case you are the only driver, this will reduce the cost. Some of the companies are so good and will work with you and only to pay a small fee when you are adding other drivers. For the long drives, adding a co driver will be vital in case the main driver gets tired while driving or gets sick or injured.

You have to consider GPS and other extras; the rental companies will always offer you the ads on like the Sat Navs or the in car charging devices. some of the cars have these devices installed already and some of the cars have got USB ports for charging and once you have date on your data, your phone can be your map. You can also find the inbuilt screen for music and GPS maps. You must check before renting any accessories from the hire car company.

The Model of the car is also important; it’s always a good idea to look at the amount of seats and the number of doors that the car has got. The car that is shown might not be the one that you are going to get. Always be aware of this because many people go into war about this, sop always read the print well. Always book a four wheel drive with four door model.

The transmit ion of the car; there would be nothing bad than someone coming to recover their car only to find that they can’t drive it. So when booking a car in Uganda, its vital that you ensures they are booking a transmission that he or she can drive. They must have a realistic view of their driving abilities as well.

The Mutual communication; its vital that communication between the two parties ie the client and the company are able to communicate in the same understanding language. The language of the GPS must be understood if the traveller intends to hire the car and the GPS. This will help in not missing out on certain aspects of the car rental agreement.

You should consider the car rental company operating hours; the operating hours stand one of the biggest and important factors which the travellers should consider before booking their vehicle is the company operating hours. The 24 hour drop off and pick up service option not only allow the travellers to plan time around their schedule but also be stranded or locked out in case they reach after 5:00 pm. this flexibility will give the vacationers extra peace of mind while they are exploring a new locale and save money when using airport car rental transfers.

Lastly is the size of the vehicle; when you are booking a 4×4 vehicle in Uganda, as the customer, you will be asked what size of vehicle you need and the company will give you different options for you to choose from.


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