Car hires in Uganda is so good since it brings car rental services close to you. A self drive holiday in Uganda is a very unique adventure since it gives you a chance to drive at your own pace. Car renting in Uganda is so complicated and it requires some foresight and there are some things you should take into account when planning to use on for your safari.

Using public transport is part of the course in Uganda and using car rentals is a good way of ensuring that your vacation is so smooth and to guarantee that you get to see the sights that you want to see when you want to see them. There are some tips or ways when choosing to visit some destination with a hired car in Uganda.

The police men are everywhere on the roads and it’s an obligation of the drivers to respect these officers as they drive through the country. There are some Uganda car rentals are represented in many towns in the country and you are able to pick your rental car at one center or airport and then drop it off at any different location. These officers are there to provide direction to the moving vehicles in order to avoid accidents.

Fuel stations are not of self service and the attendants will offer to check your oil and water as well as cleaning your wind screen, however the rental cars are fully serviced and there is no need for checking oil and other things. Car hire vehicle companies in Uganda always make sure that they offer the best vehicles to their clients.

The distances and speed limits are signs posted in Kilometers and are the speedometers in the cars are well known for the maintain ace of road network.  You need to note that the distances between the towns can be large but plan your trip carefully, always keep your eyes on the petrol gauge and don’t pass up the opportunity to fill up.

Always understand the insurance policy when hiring a car; it’s usually more expensive to buy a collision damage waiver through the rental company. You need to avoid this and instead arrange insurance waiver through a different provider. Always look into what coverage your auto policy and the credit card might offer. You might be covered for and collision damage as well as personal liability.

Always pay a high deposit; many of the rental companies require a fairly steep deposit, which will be returned to you when the car is brought back in the same condition you found it. The deposit is usually between $100 to $250 and its calculated based on the value of the car. This money is normally held on the credit cards of the clients, which renders the money unusable until the car is returned.

Always respect road signs as you are driving on Ugandan roads. This will save you the many accidents that might impact reaching your final destination on your safari.


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