Are you good at photo taking and you are planning to embark on a self-drive in Uganda? With wildlife safaris featuring as a major highlight in most visitors’ travel plans, a road trip in Uganda is incredibly the best way for you to adventure what this stunning country has in offer. While on safari, photo taking is one most exciting and memorable experience one shouldn’t need to miss in life. To have the best of photo taking while on self-drive tour in Uganda, the following tips must be put into consideration.

First, you need a good camera and there are 2 different types of digital cameras-the one with a built in lens and the other with detachable lens. If it is wildlife that you have always wished to take photos then the best is for you to zoom close to what you are targeting at. That said, you may need a minimum of about 10x optical zoom or for cases of digital SLR, the lens of about 300mm. Bigger magnifications will be needed for photo taking especially birds. Most quality equipment come with image stabilization technology and this is very valuable when shooting on tour.

Put off your car engine

While shooting at about 400mm each little bit of movement reduces the photo sharpness and that is why you need the engine off as way to stabilize the heavy 400mm lens. Usually, car vibrations feature as major cause of blurred images and it is a reason why it is good for you to turn off the car engine for you to get the best of photo shooting.

Make sure that you stabilize with a bean bag/pool toy

A stable, steady and patient hand should be must if you are to have better photos. There are many fancy window and door mounting systems out there for safari photography but a few effective DIY options are available. Any sort of bean bag should work to provide you a stable resting point while you patiently wait for lions to make a move.

Maintain a shutter speed high

Photo shooting at 400mm require you not to have too much movement although you need fast shutter. While on photo taking, make sure that you crank the ISO up so as to keep the shutter at a minimum of 1/250.

Be patient enough

While on photo shooting one important you need to do is to be patient. Take your time to assess what you want to take photo and find the best position. By taking your time is one amazing reason you need to be part of self-drive safari in Uganda.

Find the best place

You need to choose the best area to place your subject in the viewfinder of your camera and this is what is best described as composition. This is very key when it comes to photography and separates great images from the ordinary ones. What you need to avoid is chopping off part of your subject, zooming in too tightly or placing the subject in the same center of your frame. It is more impressive if what you pictured is off center and equally placing the horizon of your landscape pictures in the bottom or top third of the frame other than the center can be interesting.

In conclusions, a self-drive is remarkably one best way for one to adventure a new destination. If you love adventure, it is the best option you can take while safari in Uganda. For exceptional photo shoot while on a self-drive in the pearl of Africa, the above tips should be put into consideration.


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