Every year on 9th October, Uganda celebrates its independence anniversary commemorating the day the people of Uganda gained self rule from the their former colonial masters.
Enshrined in the country’s Constitution, the government of Uganda stands on the following corner stones – “Of the People, For the People and By the People” These three pillars of democracy are espoused by the composition of Uganda’s Government, comprising of three arms of state namely: The Executive headed by the President and Cabinet, The Judiciary headed by the Chief Justice and the Legislative headed by the Parlaiemnt whose roles and powers are enshirned and spelt out in the consitution.
The government of Uganda has experienced a number of changes right from the day when Uganda gained her independence. The first government was headed by Dr. Apollo Milton Obote who was the Prime Minister and Sir Edward Frederick Muteesa, the Kabaka of Buganda as President and the head of the Republic. However, this arrangement was abolished by Milton Obote in 1966 when he ordered the invasion of the Kabaks’s Palace and exiled Sir. Edward Muteesa.
Past Leaders of Uganda
Uganda’s political background has been characterized by political upheavals which for almost 30 years dversely affected the political development of Uganda’s politics. Many schoolars have attributed Uganda’s political instability to be due to the Colonial legacies that left Uganda political landscape divided along religion and tribal lines.
Inspite of this, one has to recognize the fact that each leader that has been at the helm of Uganda did make some positive contributions that can be remember of him.

  • Sir. Frederick Muteesa II (1961)
  • Mr. Benedicto Kiwanuka (1962)
  • Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (1962 -1971) & (1981 – March 1985)
  • General Idi Amina Dada (January 1971 – April 1979)
  • Prof. Yusuf Kironde Lule (May 1979 – December 1979)
  • Mr. Godfrey L. Binaisa (January 1980 – December 1980)
  • Mr. Paulo Muwanga (January 1981 – May 1981)
  • General Tito Okello (April 1985 – January 1986)

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