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The pearl of Africa is an amazing destination for each one who is interested in natural attractions. It is a destination where visitors experience one of the seven wonders of nature as well as one of the most unique encounters with wildlife. Uganda is full of nature and wildlife attractions, however the question is what are the nature wonders of Uganda?

Mountain gorillas

These magnificent species are one of the nature wonders of the pearl of Africa, as well as a major attraction in Uganda. Mountain gorillas shares up to 98% of their genes with humans. Uganda host half of the population of mountain gorillas in the world. In Uganda, they are only confined to Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda offers you unforgettable experience. No safari can be complete in Uganda without experiencing this particular nature wonder at least once.

River Nile

This is a natural beauty on its own but there is nothing interesting than seeing the mighty river forcing its way through a 7 meter gap between the overhanging rocks and fall to a depth of 43 meters. At the top of Murchison falls, the water violently thunder past crashing and surging, blowing a fine mist high into the sky filled with rainbows. The sight from a boat below gives a sensational view of the majestic falls, but most thrilling is a view from the top.

Mountain Rwenzori

Awe inspiring is perhaps an understatement when describing the beauty of this world class hiking and mountaineering destination. Mountain Rwenzori was described by one enthralled visitor as heaven’s garden. May be the gods hide this profusion of color up in the cloud so that only those who dare might reach up and share its secrets. The Margherita peak is the highest, located on Mountain Stanley, one of the Rwenzori ranges towering up to 5109 meters above sea level. A 7 Days Rwenzori Trekking Expedition will lead you to the glacier peaks of Magherita, a unique adventure that you cannot enjoy elsewhere in Africa. It is followed by Alexandria, Speke, and others.

Kidepo valley national park

This capital of wilderness is found in the right corner of Uganda and it is apparently the most isolated national park but still stands out to be one of the best unexplored places any wildlife viewer can ever visit in Uganda. Kidepo valley national park is undoubtedly among the best wilderness areas in Africa, accommodating a couple of extinct species of wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere in Uganda. It is right at the core of a savannah landscape next to a few mountainous ranges.

Apart from the unique wildlife safari experience, Kidepo valley is a great spot for a cultural trail especially to those who would like to see the Karamajongs, Acholis, plus other great tribes. The other exciting tourism activities in the wilderness of this park include nature walks, birding and hiking. This park is a true gem with huge abundance in wildlife and it remains a true rendition of tourism in Uganda but still remains unknown to many.

Currently, Kidepo valley national park hosts over 75 mammal species and 470 bird species and all these fall in the prime game viewing location, found in northeastern Uganda. The journey from Kampala to this wilderness enclosure is quiet long, of about 12 hours from Kampala by road, but the joy and thrill of seeing the Kidepo scenery and wildlife is all worth the lengthy drive.

Kidepo valley national park was named the third best national park in Africa and it is definitely a must visit for any traveler to Uganda.

Kibale national park

Nicknamed “the primate capital of Africa”, the park deserves this title due to the high population of primates found in this park. It offers both chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation experiences.

Tracking chimpanzees in Kibale is both fun and adventurous, because travelers get to view other animals and primates along the way. And the moment guests find the chimpanzees, they spend only one hour of viewing before heading back to the starting point. Apart from the chimpanzees, Kibale national park also provides shelter to about 13 species of primates.

Tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park

The resident lions that reside in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park have taken a curious habit, climbing into giant fig trees and acacia to laze about. Though not fully known why they do this, but it’s clear that they enjoy hanging around in trees and also to seek refuge from the biting tse tse flies that inhabit this woodland sector.

It is worth remembering that while Uganda’s natural scenic and wildlife wonders may be what draws visitors to this beautiful country in the first place, but also the warmth and hospitality of the people of Uganda plays a very important role in attracting visitors to the pearl of Africa.



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